The Murdered Reporter’s Boyfriend Seeks Dialogue Over Gun Violence


Chris Hurst

The world was shocked when someone walked by a reporter, and shot her with her cameraman live on television in Virginia. Alison Parker, the news reporter who was working for WDBJ TV, was fatally murdered on a live broadcast, a places no one expected such thing would happen to her. Now the boyfriend is seeking dialogue over gun violence.

It was so inhuman for the murderer, Bryce Williams, to kill the 24-year-old Alison plus her 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward plus Vicki Gardner, the woman who was being interviewed by the reporter who, fortunately, didn’t die. Williams is said to have been Alison’s colleague but was fired two years ago, which is even more shocking. Chris Hurst, the slain reporter’s boyfriend, said that actions should always be carried out when such incidences come up. “There needs to be some action that is taken out of an event like this — out of an event like Sandy Hook, like Charleston, like Aurora, Colorado, where these things just don’t occur anymore,” he told CNN.

Hurst said there should be a talk over what’s causing these inhuman actions to take place in the United States. “We need to have a substantive conversation on what is going on in America that is allowing evil to continue to crop up over love? Is it because we are in the media? And the attacker knew this was going to get a lot of play, and here we are again, another mushroom cloud of coverage over gun violence?” He said.

Meanwhile, Gardner, the interviewee who was shot together with Alison and Ward, is said to be in stable condition. Velasign Media hasn’t so far received any report on the action the authority is going to do following Williams’ shooting in line with gun violence.

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