Top Scott Walker Fund-Raiser Anthony Scaramucci Joins Jeb Bush


Jeb Bush

Scott Walker became the second presidential candidate to drop out of the race after Rick Perry. His followers must be heading to another candidate. While it’s not really known which candidate is lucky to get former Walker’s followers, it’s evident that Jeb Bush has landed his top fund-raiser Anthony Scaramucci, a New York investor who worked as national finance co-chairman of Walker’s team.

Bush who has been known to be the republican candidate with huge donors, seem to be getting much luck in the financial area as his campaign is concerned. Mr. Scaramucci joined Bush’s team after supporting Walker and being his team’s finance co-chairman nationwide. Bush is confident despite not performing so well in polls lately. The New York investor will be part of national finance committee of Bush’s team.

Bush, the former Florida governor, is happy his donors are now more convinced that he’s worth to get their support if he can be joined by a top-fund raiser from another candidate who exited the race. Given that Scaramucci was a member of Mitt Romney’s New York finance team in 2012 hence has the experience, Bush must be assured that financial status of his campaign has become even stronger and also hopes to surge in the coming polls.

Every vote does counts. Getting a fund-raiser of another candidate counts more since it’s likely to pull some of that candidate’s voters too. Bush who is battling for the Walkers followers to improve in votes has hopes to get some of them if not all. This alone, however, won’t see him through nomination since Walker exited while his polls were so low.

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