Trump Wins Arizona, but Still Has a long Way to Nomination Victory


Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the republican candidate who has won most primary votes so far, has won Arizona primary. As it had been projected sometimes back, Trump took the whole “delegate” cake, taking all the 58 delegates, leaving his competitors (Ted Cruz and John Kasich) with no delegate. This win, however, doesn’t save him from the long road a head of him put by Kasich’s last victory in Ohio.

Having taken all the 58 delegates, the real estate mogul is still flying high in the race. One thing he should keep in mind is that this was already projected earlier before Kasich’s victory in Ohio. So after the Ohio primary results made his journey to nomination tougher, the 58-win-all was being accounted for as one of his strong points. Therefore the Arizona victory doesn’t reduce the workload Trump has in the race.

It looks like a big win, and in reality, it’s a big win for Trump. But if you play well with figures in regard to the remaining delegates and states, basing on what Trump already has, it’s obvious that he still has a tough road to walk on, before clinching the nomination.

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