Two Policemen Murdered at Las Vegas Restaurant

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Two police officers were attacked at one of the Las Vegas restaurants while on lunch on Sunday, and eventually murdered by some two people. The two attackers, male and female later killed the third person after which they turned the weapons on themselves in a Walmart.

Alyn Beck, 41 year old, and Igor Soldo, 31 year old, with unknown person near Walmart were the victims of the attack. Sheriff Doug Gillespie gave account of the incident, saying that the two officers were having their lunch at CiCi’s Pizza, and all of sudden, the assailants arrived and shot them. In the event, one of the officers shot back, but eventually died. After performing the evil act to the officers, they also crossed the street to the Walmart where they.

Pauline Pacheco witnessed a glimpse of the incident while shopping at Wal-Mart “We saw when the man was walking, he was shouting, yelling bad words, and suddenly he had a gun,” she told KLAS-TV. “It was terrible, it was terrible. That man was crazy.” She added.

The two suspects are said to have died due to the female killing the male, then turning on herself to take her life. “It appears the female suspect shot the male suspect, then took her own life,” Gillespie said. “What precipitated this event we do not know,” the sheriff said. “My officers were simply having lunch.” It is said that one of the suspects yelled “This is a revolution” but the reason for shooting isn’t known yet.

According to Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill, male suspect yelled “everyone get out” then began shooting, after which he walked to the back of the store.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman condemned the killings, describing them as “cruel act” and praised the officers for standing up as police officers to protect everyone in the community. Wal-Mart sent its condolences and stated that it’s working with police on the investigation. Cici’s Pizza also stated that it was devastated by the killings and decided to close the place until further notice.

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