Victor Cruz Suffers A Serious Knee Injury


Victor Cruz, a New York Giants wide receiver

It was on a Sunday night when the New York Giants were playing against the Philadelphia Eagles as things turned down for Victor Cruz of New York Giants. Cruz, the wide receiver, suffered a knee injury while he was trying to fly backwards while receiving the ball. He was then taken off the field in tears, after discovering that the knee injury was a serious one.

New York Giants star jumped high, flying back towards the line to catch the ball which had come to the direction, to make a fourth-down catch in the end zone. Unfortunately the ball smoothly bounced from his hands as soon as he toughed it. He then went down with his left foot toughing down first then his entire body landing on the ground, with his left part of the body touching the ground first. Reaching the ground, he rolled, making a 180 degrees turn before stopping on the line.

Viewers suspected the injury to be serious when the check up took longer than usual. Later it was confirmed by Michele Tafoya that Cruz had suffered a serious knee injury, causing his patellar tendon to be torn. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve covered an injury where I heard so much screaming in pain and agony, Al. Not just when Cruz was on the ground and the medical staff was attending to him, but in particular when they picked him up to put him on that cart. It was as though the pain was coming back and surging. He is sobbing, as you can see. He’s been sobbing basically since he got down, knowing this is probably quite serious.” Tafoya said.

Sunday turned to be a bad day for New York Giants. They lost one of their stars during the game due to suffering because of the injury. The New York Giants also lost the match to Philadelphia Eagles, the Eagles winning 27:0 against them. So far the doctor hasn’t spoken to give the updates on how Cruz is fairing on with the treatment, but the team and the fans wish him a quick recovery.

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