Walter Smith Agrees With Board on Changes

Walter Smith

Walter Smith Agrees With Board on Changes

Walter Smith, the former Manager of Scottish club Rangers would like to have shareholders meeting done as soon as possible to restore. The shareholders are believed to be sitting on 30% of Rangers. He pleaded to have everyone to back the changes that were made on board in order to have the team gain back its stability and integrity. “I am now imploring everyone to back these proposed changes so that much-needed stability and a level of integrity can be restored,” said Smith.

Rangers, a team that won Scottish League One in 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997 is undergoing restoration of its major glory has its officials making changes and scrutinizing the team’s management to see that everything goes well. Mr. Smith also said that it was good for his successor Ally McCoist to get into the position and lead the club. He claimed that Ally McCoist should have a chance to take the position.

Meanwhile, there’s a group that is trying to fight the effort from management currently led by chief executive Craig Mather. The group is believed to be under Jim McColl, Scottish businessman. The club seeming to have forces against its effort, Mr. Smith is supporting the come back of former director Paul Murray and Frank Blin to join the board. Mr. Smith who said “As for Alistair McCoist, it is important that we all appreciate that no other Rangers manager has had to work with poorer or more trying circumstances.” Seem to be taking care of everything in the team so that no other club officials works under tough situations like his former assistant.

Whatever happened to rangers that ended up causing Charles Green to quit as chief executive in April, and Mr. Smith to resigning shortly after becoming the chairman must be a big problem. This can be seen as a true picture when his phrase “the only option left open” is recalled. In any case, the Rangers officials must plan very well to restore the club’s strength and livelihood.

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