Warning on Icing Is Issued to 15 Airlines by Boeing Dreamliners

Boeing Dreamliner

Boeing Dreamliner

Boeing Company together with General Electric Company came up to issue warning on some 15 airlines concerning weather which any airline considers while operating its daily travel businesses. The two companies have advised the airlines that there may be icing on their new Dreamliner jets.

According to BBC, the warning was about the possibility of the ice buildup which, with no doubt, will affect GE GEnx engines on Boeing 747-8 and 787 Dreamliners. Boeing and General Electric therefore advised the carriers not to fly through thunderstorms while passing through tropics since the thunderstorms might contain ice crystals that may cause lose of power on the engines.

The two companies are doing this to avoid what has happened since April concerning the engines losing power. There have been situations where GEnx engines lost power, and this has happened six times in just a span of 8 months, that’s from April to date (November). Even though it has not caused any accident, Japan airlines sidelined the Dreamliner from its routes from Tokyo to Singapore and India.

Even though the Dreamliner has been experiencing technical problems since it begun, Boeing hasn’t given up working to overcome the weaknesses. In its effort to make things better, it hasn’t seen any drought of sales within Dreamliner, instead it has seen the Dreamliner’s sales grow.

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