Westgate Mall Under Attack in Kenya

Westgate Mall

Westgate Mall in Nairobi under attack

Westgate mall, one of the posh and largest shopping mall in Nairobi city, in Kenya is in the hands of some unknown attackers. The mall was attacked at around 11 a.m. East Africa Time. This has shocked many Kenyan citizens and even the world as the incident came up so dangerously. So far, 22 people have been reported dead and over 50 injured.

The mall which is located in Westlands, along Peponi Road was attacked by well armed gunmen who are said to have had sophisticated weapons. The gunmen didn’t ask any one to lie down, they only entered the mall and begun the shootings. Unlike in other cases of attack where the attacker asks the cashier money in order to set the hostages free, these attackers did not demand for anything. This was a harsh evil mission that was planned by who aren’t known up to this time. The Kenya Police Inspector General David Kimaiyo issued a statement saying that the police was in action to save the hostages.

Some people who were on the ground floor managed to escape when the attackers moved on the first floor. The area has been by the police, General Service Unit(GSU), and other security forces, trying to look for a way the save the hostages. A few hours after the mall was attacked, another posh mall in Nairobi called Village Market was closed down for the fear of the attack. Westgate being one of the most respected shopping mall in Nairobi, no one who knows the mall expected such an incident to happen in it. But the citizens and even the foreigners who are in the country believe the hostages remaining are going to be saved successfully.

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