Why Kasich Is Likely to Get Former Rubio’s Sponsors


John Kasich

Maco Rubio gave up on the struggle for republican nomination early this week. Immediately after announcing that he was out of the race, Ted Cruz praised him, and urged the supporters to come on his side so that they move together and win the nomination. It’s not clearly known to whom the supporters will go, but most former Rubio’s donors, if not all, will cross over to John Kasich.

John Kasich tasted the sweetness of leading in delegate votes for the first time when he won Ohio primary on Tuesday. Maco Rubio on the other hand got devastated after getting lowest votes in Ohio and being beaten in his own state Florida. He eventually quit. The big donors who were behind him are now making decisions to choose among the remaining three candidates (Donald Trump, Cruz, and Kasich). Kasich may take most of the donors, if he fails to get all of them.

The reason of Kasich having high probability of getting these donors is that he isn’t arrogant, while Trump is so arrogant. Also Trump is rich but donors do go for the one in need. In any case, Trump doesn’t need donors. Cruz isn’t rich, but many people don’t like him. In any news article talking about Cruz, you’ll get words like, “arrogant”, “creepy” and so on, flooded in comments bellow the article. The more people dislike a candidate in the nomination race, the less possibilities of the same person winning general election if nominated. The reason being most of the moderate voters will not vote for the candidate who has had bad reputation. As a result, this candidate ends up getting less votes in general election. Donors will not risk their money on such candidate, knowing that come general election if nominated, the candidate is likely to loose.

Therefore John Kasich who has no negative reputation, and is in need of money, and whose policies are likely to strongly fight the democrats in general election remains the candidate likely to pull former Rubio’s donors. At the moment Kasich’s supporters are eagerly waiting to see the luck come on their side as their campaign keeps moving.

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