Why Movies Are Being Staged in Different States


Hollywood has been a planet of entertainment, and movie industry holds a good percentage of the entertainment industry. Previously, most movies and shows were acted anywhere in California, if not within Los Angels district. Now a large number of shows and movies are being staged outside California. The spread of staging movies in different parts of US isn’t just the result of the growth of the movie industry but is also the result of interest in actors and the sates. The following are the reasons why movies are being staged in different states:

  • A movie acted in a certain state, and clearly shows some sign posts indicating that the character is in that state does spread the awareness of the state both in the US and around the world. Many people, who have watched that movie, are likely to mention the name of the state, or a city in which the acting took place. For example a couple, Ken and Heather in South Africa talks about a movie acted in South Carolina.

Ken: Did you watch that movie acted in South Carolina along North Myrtle Beach?

Heather: Yeah. By the way I thought its only California and Florida which have beautiful beaches. I realized that even South Carolina has good ones! Our next vacation will be in South Carolina.

South Carolina therefore attains some tourists through the movie.

  • Many stars that live and spent time in LA were not born there, not even in California. As much as they are called Hollywood stars, they look back the states they were born in, or brought up in and feel like they want to bring up the name of those states. Most actors/ actresses do work as movie directors too, and when they get into that position, they’ll shift the stage to their home states so as to elevate the name of the region they originated from.
  • Some get away to break monotony of LA, Hollywood, and California sceneries on the screens. At least the movie is more likely to have unique sceneries when it’s acted where many movies haven’t been staged. Remember what makes the movies much sweet is not just the characters, the story and the actions, but also the scenery.

The actors and actresses moving to different states all over United States has brought about the view of different sceneries on the screen since they are acted where many past movies didn’t take place. It has also made people, both in the US and around the world to know certain states better. The spread of staging movies to different states has just make movies much better. As the movie industry expands the movie stages, movie lovers are enjoying it.

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