Why Rick Perry’s Drop-Out Was a Shock


Rick Perry

Last year, the republican nomination race was field with 17 candidates by the time the first debate was beginning. A few days before the second debate, republican followers were hit with shock when news broke out that Rick Perry was leaving the 2016 presidential race. His supporters, especially those from Texas, weren’t happy with his drop out. There are several reasons as to why it was a big shock to many republican voters. The following are the reasons:

  1. Perry, having led Texas state as a governor for 14 years, he certainly has experience as leadership is concerned. After the recession, Texas was one of the first states that bounced back to recovery, under Perry. The second largest state by area (268,596.46 Square Mile) and also second largest by population (268,596.46 as per 2014 July population estimate), there are more needs for developing the state and meeting the needs of the residents. If the state could be bounce back, then he had a lot evidence to show his capability.
  2. Texas is a well known republican state and Perry having led it for that long, should have had a mindset of fighting for the republican nomination. At least many who were undecided would vote him in since they would easily fall for someone from a strong republican environment.

With a long serving record of the second largest state both by area and population, Perry had a record to boast about. In 2011-12 primaries he flopped, and even this year he still didn’t come up strong, hence polls being low. However, dropping out just after one debate wasn’t expected by anyone, and as a result, many of his supporters were disappointed.

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