Will Delegate Votes Prove That Ohio Isn’t The Only State That Prefers Kasich Most?


John Kasich

It’s been a week since John Kasich, one of the republican presidential candidates, triumphed over the other two candidates (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz) in the Ohio delegate voting. Kasich who is the governor of the state won worn with 47%, being his first time to taste victory ever since the race began. However, he still needs more victories, to win this nomination.

Here comes another Tuesday, and this time, it’s “Western Tuesday”. Many eyes are looking at Kasich as the three republican candidates head to another delegate voting battle that will take place in Arizona and Utah. Many are eager to see the new hot player’s performance in the game this time. Will he make it in at least one state this Tuesday? Will the votes prove that Ohio isn’t the only state that prefers him? These are the questions many republican supporters are having. After Rubio’s exit last week, some delegates who were to vote for Rubio might vote for him. If he gets all of Rubio’s delegates, then he has some high chances of remaining at the top, or come second with a good percentage.

Remember, at times voting outcome is always a mystery. No one knows what will happen since casting a vote is an individual’s (the delegate) decision. The delegate could change decision even last minute. Therefore the question on whether Kasich will win in at least one state remains knocking in everyone’s head. The question will only be answered at the announcement of the results.

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